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Trantec S5.5HD Handheld Radio Microphone System


Trantec S5.5HD Handheld Radio Microphone System


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Trantec S5.5HD radio microphone system with Handheld Dynamic capsule microphone, G band 606-622MHz or D band 854-865MHz

System includes S5.5 receiver with UK psu plus S5.5HDX handheld transmitter with a dynamic capsule.

Standard UK supply is G band, including channel 38, 606-638MHz

Product overview:

  • High quality, true-diversity operation
  • Up to 24 Simultaneous Channels
  • Frequency scan facility
  • USB based computer monitoring
  • Integral triple tone grip/noise and signal strength mute circuit
  • Simple programming of transmitter with in-built Infra-red
  • Clear and intuitive LCD displays on both transmitters and receivers
  • Single AA operation of transmitters with battery life of over 10 hours
  • Professional metal enclosures for both transmitters and receiver

The S5.5-HDX is the professional, dynamic handheld microphone of the Trantec S5.5 system, offering 1,400 transmission frequencies.

In addition to its excellent sound quality, it is characterized by the following properties :

Its full-metal housing is extremely durable, well weighted and highly ergonomical.

The internal controls and LCD screen allow for quick and easy adjustment of the transmission frequency and microphone gain.

Inside the S5.5-HDX you find its battery compartment for a single AA battery, which allows for up to 10 hours of continuous operation, an on/off switch and an infrared sensor for synchronization between the mic and the receiver.

On the bottom of the microphone you will find a handy mute switch, by which the artist can mute the audio output of the microphone mute when needed. In contrast to the above-mentioned on/off switch inside the mic’s body, this will not switch off the mic and thus cut the wireless connection. The audio signal will only be muted while maintaining the radio link. This has the great advantage, that the assigned transmission channel remains occupied, and thus prevents other parties from dialling into your transmission channel. This is especially useful during large events where multiple independent parties, such as FOH and e.g. electronic news gathering teams (ENG) are present, that want to use the same parts of the radio spectrum.

Furthermore the S5.5-HDX has a pickup pattern, which ensures that ambient noise will be most effectively suppressed compared to frontal sources as your mouth. Hence the microphone signal remains clear and pristine and can blend into the FOH mix much better.

Its integrated antenna and the matt black finish of its body and grill complete the premium look of this microphone.

Trantec product code: S5.5-HD-G1U /  S5.5-HD-D3U



Technical Specifications

Trantec S5.5-HD Handheld Transmitter

Available Frequency Bands
G band 606-622MHz, D band 854-865MHz
Selectable Frequencies 1,400 (presets: 10 banks with max. 24 frequencies each)
RF Output Power 10 mW ERP
Microphone Capsule dynamic
Pickup Pattern hypercardioid
AF Response 60 Hz – 20 kHz
Maximum SPL 146 dBSPL (gain=0)
Battery 1 x AA
Operating Time approx  10 hhours
Operating Temperature -10 … +50 °C
Dimensions 50×247.9 mm (ø × L)
Weight 380 g
Finish metal
Other Features EQ & phase, mute switch, LCD, battery LED, integrated antenna, 3-step gain, infrared sync
Supplied Accessories microphone clip, color coding rings


Trantec S5.5-RX Receiver

Available Frequency Bands G band 606-622MHz, D band 854-865MHz
Selectable Frequencies 1,400 (presets: 10 banks with max. 24 frequencies each)
Simultaneous Channels max. 24 per frequency band
Automatic Frequency Scan yes
Diversity Principle true diversity (dual receiver)
IR-Synchronization yes
AF Response 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Audio Outputs XLR balanced (mic/line selectable)
¼" jack unbalanced
Nominal Output Level

mic: -27dBV
line: +13 dBV

SNR (audio output) 110dB(A)
Audio Mixing Input no
Input Sensitivity
Antenna Inputs 2 x BNC (50 Ohm)
Antenna Outputs no
Power Supply 300 mA, 11-18 V DC
Operating Temperature -10 … +50 °C
Dimensions 210×46×210 mm (W×H×D)
Weight 1.3 kg
Finish metal
Other Features headphone output, LCD, adjustable triple-squelch
Supplied Accessories monitoring & programming software

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