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IMG Stage Line Radio Microphones 1,785-1,805 MHz

Licence free use in the EU - transmitting power not to exceed 50 mW
Multifrequency radio microphone receiver unit 1.8 GHz
IMG Stage Line Multifrequency receiver unit,1.8 GHz, with UHF PLL technology. 192 selectable UHF frequencies (1,785-1,800...

(£147.76 ex VAT) Part no: MZMTXS1800
Hand-held radio microphone transmitter, 1.8 GHz
IMG Stage Line Hand-held microphone with integrated multifrequency transmitter, 1.8 GHz.Dynamic microphone cartridge,...

(£121.15 ex VAT) Part no: MZMTXS1800HT
Multifrequency pocket radio microphone transmitter, 1.8 GHz
IMG Stage Line Multifrequency pocket transmitter, 1.8 GHz for use with headband microphone or earband microphone with...

(£121.15 ex VAT) Part no: MZMTXS1800HSE
Lapel Clip Microphones
Lapel Clip Microphones
Tie clip/lapel microphones with a range of characteristics


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